Moral Bigotry

What a great word! I was reading a history of England and found this description of the Roundheads Puritan regime. It’s in a book called London, by Edward Rutherfurd, an amazing author. He takes you from pre-history times all the way up through to the present, recounting the story of several families who live during those eras. Moral bigotry: judging someone’s beliefs or lack of, by our own moral compass. I think it applies to other things rather than religion; I have seen some bigotry even in the ecological movement. It’s so easy to feel that one is right and everyone else is wrong. Something we need to guard against.


Cheap physical education


shoveling heaven

shoveling heaven

I always wondered why homeschoolers would sign up for so many physical ed-type classes. Maybe I am just lazy, but our kids got plenty of exercise loading wood, helping dad split the wood, shoveling snow and just general working around the yard. Dirt cheap and great for the muscles. The kids in my family are important to the functioning of our family. When they don’t do their part, the rest of us (mainly the adults) suffer, since we have to do more work.

Don’t label me

It surprises me constantly, how so many people see what I do, or what I wear, or even how I eat, and assume I must be of a certain political persuasion. Two instances spring to mind. In one, the mother of a student of mine assumed (perhaps of the fact that I was a homeschooler, or the way I dressed or whatever) that I was up in arms, as she was,  over the fact that the NRA was sponsoring something in the local school district. I hadn’t even known about it at the time. And I really wasn’t sure if that bothered me, since I didn’t have all the facts. She just assumed that I would be very upset to know about it. I sympathized with her feelings but wisely deferred to offering my own opinion.

In another instance, an older woman I know pretty well, who is a political conservative, saw me in my Birkenstocks for the first time, and afterwards told me that she commented to her husband to disregard that fact that I was wearing “official” liberal footgear because she KNEW I was one of them. Well, the reason I wear Birkenstocks is that they don’t hurt my feet, which is more than I can say for most shoes. I also wear cheap $3 crocs because they don’t hurt either. Does that make me what?…..a Wal-mart type person? I think people don’t know where to pin me. 

I like it that way.

Reason for being

I started this blog for 2 reasons, actually, 3. 1) I had one about 3 years ago- but it was really boring to look at and I didn’t log in much. 2) I will be setting up a blog page on our state teacher’s website and want some experience. 3) There are a lot of things that occur to me about homeschooling, teaching and life in general and I always think, “gee, I really should write that down somewhere”, so this is an easy way to do that.

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