About the Contrarian

I am the mom of 6, 3 still at home, wife to a wonderful artist and craftsman. My children range in age from 8-25. The oldest 3 were homeschooled all the way through into college. The youngest 3 were in public school for a short time, while I established my teaching studio (strings and piano), but now, the youngest will be home with her brothers starting in 4th grade. She attends the local elementary school, which is small and very nearby. She has had a mostly positive social experience, but the academics are pretty mediocre. 

My kids are also every kind of learner there is, if you follow that philosophy, which gave me a lot of experience. I have also had to deal with Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety disorder, ADD and learning disabilities in my kids, but I do not look upon these as negatives…I feel they have positively contributed to my growth as a teacher.

We live fairly simply-I cook a lot, we have lots of books, I weave, spin and knit when I have time and we are pretty happy just being home.


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