Budget cuts

Here in Maine, the schools are in big financial trouble. The state is supposed to pick up 55% of the district budget (which it never has although this is the law) and this year, after the schools already passed their budgets last July, the state is cutting what they will get in January. Some districts will be getting 30% less than they already budgeted for . The cost to educate per year per student in Maine is over $5,000. 

I think of how much I have spent to educate my own kids. I think I may have spent maybe $3000 over the past 20 years, for 6 kids. The high school requirements are also being eased, so that kids do not have to take a credit each of phys ed, music and foreign language in order to graduate. At this rate, their diploma will be fairly worthless.

When my kids were teens, I promptly enrolled them at USM, which is the local state university. They have an early study program for high-schoolers, which allows them to take a college course for 1/2 price, but get the full credit. Each of my 3 oldest kids ended up with almost a year’s worth of college credit (32) by the time they graduated from homeschool high school, and never had trouble being accepted into college, because hey, they were already doing college level work. I imagine there are good community colleges too, where HS-ers can take advantage of this.



  1. homeschoolingohio said,

    January 28, 2009 at 3:47 am

    It is sad that the public schools keep asking for more and more money yet the children are not getting the very basic education. I, like you, have not spent much on my children’s education yet they are doing wonderfully in their academics. I have a feeling that things are not going to get any better for the public school children. How sad!

  2. thehomeschoolcontrarian said,

    January 28, 2009 at 11:58 am

    Yes- the latest thing here is Maine is a movement to devalue the arts component of the HS graduation requirements, so that students do not even need to fully “meet” the benchmarks for music or other arts. My own district has gradually replaced their more rigorous math texts with ones that the students do not find ‘so hard’.
    In the words of an old homeschooling advocate friend of mine “if the math is wrong, the bridge will fall down”.

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