Don’t label me

It surprises me constantly, how so many people see what I do, or what I wear, or even how I eat, and assume I must be of a certain political persuasion. Two instances spring to mind. In one, the mother of a student of mine assumed (perhaps of the fact that I was a homeschooler, or the way I dressed or whatever) that I was up in arms, as she was,  over the fact that the NRA was sponsoring something in the local school district. I hadn’t even known about it at the time. And I really wasn’t sure if that bothered me, since I didn’t have all the facts. She just assumed that I would be very upset to know about it. I sympathized with her feelings but wisely deferred to offering my own opinion.

In another instance, an older woman I know pretty well, who is a political conservative, saw me in my Birkenstocks for the first time, and afterwards told me that she commented to her husband to disregard that fact that I was wearing “official” liberal footgear because she KNEW I was one of them. Well, the reason I wear Birkenstocks is that they don’t hurt my feet, which is more than I can say for most shoes. I also wear cheap $3 crocs because they don’t hurt either. Does that make me what?…..a Wal-mart type person? I think people don’t know where to pin me. 

I like it that way.


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